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Glen Rhodes


Thank you taking a look at my magician birthday party page.


If you want a magician birthday party then you are in the right place!


A magician birthday party is one of the best options for a kids birthday party.


It’s not easy looking after 20 kids, keeping them occupied, keeping them safe and it’s even more difficult entertaining 20 kids…many of whom you may not know so well.


That is where I can Save The Day!


Hi Glen

Thank you so much for performing at Isabella’s birthday party.  It was wonderful to watch how enthralled and entertained the children were by your show and it was the talk of year 1 this week.  I might add that the adults enjoyed it just as much as they did.

Thanks again,



For almost 1 hour the children will be involved in my magic show, I say involved because children do not ‘watch’ my show, they are ‘part’ of my show. There is lots of audience participation and in one way or another everyone is involved in my show, it is a rollercoaster ride of fun and laughs from the very beginning to the very end of the show.


Hi Glen,

I should be thanking you for the wonderful show you put on. It was excellent. The kids really did enjoy themselves and so did the rest of us, including my nana. There were lots of comments of how well you controlled the kids and kept them entertained. A couple of the parents have told me how impressed they were with your show as well and my cousin is actually thinking of getting a magician for her son’s 5th birthday in April. I will of course, give her your contact details.

Once again, thanks for the show, it was brilliant!




A magician birthday party also keeps all the kids in one place for about one hour…that’s one hour of NO STRESS for you. All the children are accounted for, all the children are sitting and laughing their heads off…so what do you have to do?….NOTHING!…that’s right you can relax, you don’t have to chase the kids around the garden, plan games, look after shy children, stop hyperactive kids going nuts…no!…I will be looking after all the kids ensuring they are having the time of their lives. You supply some food, drinks and cake….and your job is done.


A magician birthday party is equally popular with both boys and girls….my show is suited to 4-7 year olds and at that age, kids just want to have fun, my show is not so much a magic show but a vehicle for kids to laugh…because…kids love to laugh! Don’t get me wrong, my magician birthday party magic show has some very cool and amazing magic for kids and adults…the kids will be saying ‘WOW!” and how does he do that! Actually kids are more likely to say “wow, that is real magic!”…I get that all the time.


Parents love to see their kids smiling and laughing, they LOVE IT…it is a joyous thing to see and you will get all the credit for that after the kids and adults have seen my magician birthday party show. It is a guaranteed success.


I am lucky to be the busiest kids magician in Brisbane and that is because I have a great show that kids and adult love, If you haven’t heard of me…ask around…I have entertained at over 3000 Brisbane birthday parties…just a few questions to other mothers and you will hear from them about my fabulous magician birthday party options


A magician birthday party is not the only thing that I offer, click on the icons above to take you to my other websites which include Balloon Modelling, various workshops and other activities for kids as well as magic for adults


There you have it…great information about a magician birthday party.


If you are looking for a magician birthday party idea…book the best!…Magic Glen


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